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Winter Morning
Upcoming Shows:
Winter Morning
8 X 10, $375

You can view my paintings at the following festivals in 2016:

2016 Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
in Buffalo, NY
August 27 (10AM to 6PM)
August 28 (10AM to 5PM)

2016 Clothesline Festival
in Rochester, NY
September 10 (10AM to 6PM)
September 11 (10AM to 5PM)
New Tips and Tutorials for Artists:

would you like to have more control over light and color in your paintings?
For a simple step-by-step process, please see:
Tutorial 1
how do you paint moving water, like a waterfall?
Niagara Falls in April
These observation techniques can help when you are painting on-site:
Tip 1
how do you paint the illusion of extremely bright sunlight?
Niagara River
Keep these two things in mind...
Tip 2
Painting Lessons

I now offer private lessons for artists. I have developed many painting exercises that help make artistic concepts easier to understand and use. Every lesson is customized for a student's particular needs and goals. For more information, please see: