Painting Scenes that aren't Scenic -
Painting in scenic locations that have been popular with artists for many years, such as Cape Cod, can present challenges to an artist. So many paintings have been done of some locations that it can leave one wondering how to find something unique to paint.
Ryder's Cove ← For example, here is what might be considered to be a classic Cape Cod harbor scene. This location, with its attractive boats and sparkling water, would likely attract the attention of many an artist looking for a spot to paint. Just up the short road leading to this picturesque harbor I also found the scene painted below...

Niagara River 2← This scene I almost walked by without noticing it. It isn't beautiful in the conventional sense. What caught my eye about these boats on their trailers was that they looked to me like they were eagerly waiting to get to the water and be in their element. The painting is titled Which Way to the Beach? Painting unconventional subjects can help us to see that we have many more painting subjects than we often realize.