Because of the careful groundwork I did in the previous stages of the painting, putting in the last colors to complete the flowers and foliage is not difficult. This gradual, methodical, and logical approach helps an artist have much greater control over a painting than using a haphazard approach.

Compare the finished painting to the reference photo. Note how the painting has more clarity and impact than the photo. This is due to the vigorous editing that was done at every stage of the painting process, putting in only as much detail as was absolutely necessary. More detail would probably just weaken the painting’s impact.

However, if you prefer more detail in your paintings, you could use still use this painting method to provide a solid foundation for your painting. By continuing to subdivide the shapes into smaller and smaller shapes of color, you could paint a Photorealistic painting.

Tutorial 2 uses the same process demonstrated here to create a painting of Niagara Falls.